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Reliability Engineer (Coating Engineer)

Insert date: 17/08/2022
Function: Reliability Engineer (Coating Engineer)
Workplace: Abroad: Kazakhstan
Duration of Contract: till completion of a certain job
Monthly Salary Range: Not indicated

Description Announcement
• Bachelor's degree or higher in technical disciplines
• Field experience (at least 3 years) of using various types of protective surface coatings
• Consult customers on proper internal and external protective liquid and powder coatings based on ambient and/or process conditions
• Provide technical support to RE Pipeline and Corrosion group in regard to coating application on field pipelines and equipment
• Provide technical support to FER Inspection team as part of internal\external inspection in case of issues related to coating and identification of areas for repair/replacement during TurnAround (TA) and outside TA
• Revise and improve existing unique coating repair procedures
• Review customer’s requests on deviations from TCO specification requirements for coating /insulation / Polyurethane Foam (PUF) materials
• Participate in new coating/product qualifications
• Responsible for revision of TCO Specifications on Protective Coatings
• Knowledge of quality surface preparation and coatings application (NACE Coating Inspector Level 2 certification or equivalent as a minimum preferred qualification)
• Work with coating/ insulation manufactures’ representatives to resolve technical issues
• Participate in bidding process for coating materials supply Contract (collect all issues from customers, improve T&C as a part of cost saving initiative)
• Participate in BP’s coating shop technical audits as a part of Capital Project assessment process
• Knowledge of English – intermediate (TCO Level 3)

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